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How Harv Replaced His Alternator

How Harv Replaced the Alternator
on His '90 Lebaron 3.0L V6

I am not responsible if you screw up

1. Start with disconnecting the air box and removing it from the engine compartment.
2. Then disconnect all the wires that are on the alternator.
3. Need 2 people for this part.
One person will use a breaker bar to take the tension off of the belt and the other slips the belt off of the alternator (this can be done by one person if you practice and hold your tounge just right=)
4. Now take off the 2 bolts that are holing it to the bracket(the bolt on top is easy, It is kind of hard to see the bottom bolt
5. Now the alternator should come right out.
6. Take it to your auto parts shop to replace($65 core charge)

Now just do everything in reverse(from #5 to #1) to put the new alternator on.

Note: This only applies to the aforementioned car.