IT RUNS!!!!!!!

Fired her up for the first time today, 26 Sept 2002, and it runnnssssss :-)
Hope to take it to the track tomorrow if I dont blow it up before then.
New pix should be posted in the next couple days
Trip to track was sucessful. Ran a best of 14.9sec 1/4. Other runs had many problems to include blowing off intake plumbing and tire spin.
The newest pix

Got Pix of the blower kinda in the general area where it shall go=)
Sooper Pix
New Sooper Pix

UPDATED When running
Supercharger and bracket are complete and painted up. Injectors are in. Found a v-belt pulley for my alternator but still need to make the bracket for the alt. The attachment for the air filter is complete and the air collector(on the boost side of sooper) is getting welded tonight(6 May). Solid rear trans mount is on and waiting for the solid front to show up(any day now Paul=).

Well after a spirited run in with a chebby Beretta 3.1(I think) I have decided it is finally time to embark on the road to boostdom. So here's my planz.

The Shopping list:

Supercharger - phord turdburd M-90 blower( Got for $200US)

Intercoolers - DSM fender mount ICs(2 of em just cause I got a great deal=) Got for $60US

Blow Off Valve - 1st Gen DSM BOV($30US Shipped=)

Better Injectors - Mopar Turbo II injectors(early - mid 90s turbo cars, About $50 for a set)CHANGE actually going with 1986 Ford 2.3l TurboCoupe FordPN:E5ZE-9F593-AB low imped high flow injectors 35lbs@39psi for 10/$80

Special Boost Friendly Computer - Boers Performance Engineering(very custom and very first of its kind - price depends on if it works, right Nick?)

Misalaneous Machining- to construct the bracket for the SC(Probably $100US)

Misalaneous Pipes and Bending - gotta pipe that air from the SC to the IC's and back to the motor(probably $50-$100US)

Special Pulleys - Need a crank pulley that has an extra groove for the SC(Nother BPE special product 100US & I can most likely recoup most of this cost by selling my current UD pulley)Update: gonna use my old UD pulley to power the sooper, when I want more boost I'll put the stock crank pulley back on

Total About $550US plus Nick's 'puter

boost from a T-bird Eaton M-62(or M-90 is there a part# stamped on the blower somewhere that will verify?). *****updated idea***** Gonna build a bracket that will allow me to mount the blower where the a/c compressor used to be. Got a buddy who's an auto-cad pro so I'm gonna take my a/c compressor its bracket and my blower to him and see if we can't design a bracket that will hold the SC and bolt to the block. I will have to relocate the oil filter to allow this to fit. Already working on a piece that will replace the filter adaptor on the block and allow me to run lines to almost anywhere under the hood to mount the filter.CHANGE of planz again Now gonna mount it where the alt was(see pix) and the alt is goin where the a/c compressor used to be.

I will use a custom 2 piece crank pulley that will allow me to turn the acessories(IE powersteering and alternator) under drive and a removable piece for the 8rib sooper belt. Gonna alter the a/c tensioner to accept the 8rib belt and use that to put tension on the sooper belt. CHANGE to ud/stock crank is gonna turn the acessories(PS and sooper) and Vbelt is gonna turn the alt.

Since the T-bird blower blows out the top I will have a plate with a tube on it made up that will allow the boost to blow almost straight up from the sooper(as if the sooper was sitting flat), then plumb hard lines 2-2.5 inches from the blower thru the radiator support on the pass side thru the intercooler(s) and back thru the drivers side radiator support. About 6-8inches from the throttle body I'll mount my 1st gen DSM Blow Off Valve. Most idealy I would vent this air into the intake cause it's gonna HOWL at idle(too much air not enough need for air).CHANGE Blower will blow DOWN twards the rear exaust man and then be piped twards the drivers side and over the trans to an IC I plan to mount under the battery(IC most likely not gonna happen before mopar classic(may 17th))

The IC: I have 2 DSM intercoolers that I shall have welded together to make one long one with an intake on one side and the out on the other side(see the pipe plumbing above)CHANGE gonna just use one IC now(at low boost) under the battery with somekinda shrowd or air direction changer.

As for fuel I'm planning on some 33lb injectors from the 2.2 and 2.5 turbo carz and a custom computer from BPE. With a 2 or 3 bar MAP sensor this should allow me to run 15lbs(2bar MAP) or 30lbs(3bar MAP) of boost with out having to fiddle with the fuel myself. Ain't computers wonderful? :-PChange gonna use Phord SVO turbo injectors from a turdburd/mustang turbo(35lbs)



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