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Well I finally have pix of my new wheels and tires on the car.

These pix are pretty big so I'll let you click to see each one. I'll put them all on one page later for all you folks that don't have to worry about bandwidth hogging:-P

only stickers on my car (85K)
intake002.jpg (272K)
intake003.jpg (227K)
intake004.jpg (273K)
interior001.jpg (239K)
interior002.jpg (248K)
interior003.jpg (276K)
mount001.jpg (177K)
mount002.jpg (147K)
mount003.jpg (188)
newtires001.jpg (282)
newtires002.jpg (320)
newwheels001.jpg (3K)
newwheels002.jpg (9K)
newwheels003.jpg (278K)
newwheels004.jpg (193K)
newwheels005.jpg (181K)
newwheels006.jpg (289K)
newwheels007.jpg (229K)

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