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Horse Power Tips Mostly For the Chrysler 3.0L V6

Thanks to Tom Peterson for these Tips

In adding HP the rule of thumb has always been:
In fuel injection engines open up the intake, and
in carb engines open the exhaust.

It is my understanding the the exhaust manifold and
exhaust system in most 3.0l vehicles is reasonably
efficient, and altering this will not increase the HPs
much because the original amount of exhaust restriction
is not severe.

I have seen no difference with platinum plugs, but it
is nice to not have to change these as often. BTW: I
suggest only Bosch or NGK plugs for an aluminum block.
I've seen too many Champion plugs damage the threads in
an aluminum head. And both Bosch and NGK were made for
aluminum heads. And I always use a little anti-seize
on the plug threads.

My opinion on getting some extra horses from the 3.0l
would be;
K&N Cone filter,
Underdrive pulley,
52mm or larger TB
15 BTDC timing advance (you'll have to use premium gas).

And a high-output coil and 8mm plug wires may give you
a bit of a boost on hard acceleration. Opening the gap
on the spark plugs, assuming that the coil can maintain
high RPMs without misfiring, will also give a slight perfor-
mance boost. (In the early days of HO coils we would increase
the spark plug gap in increments of about 5/10 thou, and then
run the engine a high RPMs. And keep increasing the gap until
the engine started to misfire. Then drop the gap a bit a run
with the plugs with that opening).


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