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FWD Terminology

Body Year What Car It Is
A '89-95 Dodge Spirit and Plymouth Acclaim
C '90-93 Dynasty, New Yorker
E '83-89 Dodge 600, Chrysler E Class
G '84-93 Dodge Daytona, Chrysler Laser '84-86
H '85-89 Lancer and Lebaron GTS
J '87-95 Lebaron
K '81-90 Aries, Reliant, Dodge 400, Lebaron(through '86)
L '78-90 Omni, Horizon, TC3, O24, Charger Shelby, GLH, Turismo, Scamp, Rampage
P '86-94 Shadow, Sundance
S '84-00 Caravan Voyager(Grand)
LH '93-00 Intrepid, Concorde, Vision, LHS, 300M
PL '95-00 Neon

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