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About Harv

Well, thank you for showing interest in the author of this page.

[Picture of Me] Here is a pic of me somewhere in Poland. My father got stationed in Germany for 3 yrs and we traveled lots. My family is back in America now. I was in Germany for my senior year of high school and then came back for college. Currently I am in Springfield, Mo. at Southwest Missouri State University studying Computer Information Systems. I enjoy Mountain Biking, Working Out, Working on my Car, and Sleeping.
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[My School's Logo] [Guns simmilar to what I shoot]

Here is my school logo. We are the SMS Bears. I am frequently found at various sporting events supporting our team. I watch Foot-ball, Soccer and Basket-ball. I shot on the rifle team for my high school for three years and I shot for two years for my college's rifle team. We shot .22 Rifles.

[Picture of me in front of the Worms Cathederal]

Here I am infront of the Cathederal my Graduation Class "walked".
It is called the Worms(pronounced Vorms) Cathedral and is where Martin Luther nailed his thesis to the door(Long time ago, Not the Martin Luther Americans associate with Civil Rights). This move split the Catholic church and we got Protestants and Catholics as a result of this split.

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