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Harv's Mopar Page

Harv's Mopar Page

These are some of the ideas I have come up for Chrysler/Mitchibitchi(Mitchy) Logos. Why combine these you ask. Well it so happens that a lot of the front wheel drive Mopar cars are powered by Mitchibitchi motors.

[Club Logo #1]
This is the First Club Logo I came up with.

[Club Logo #2]
The second Club Logo.

[Chrysler 3 Liter]
A Chrysler 3 Liter Logo

[Chrysler/Mitchy Logo #1]
The First Chrysler/Mitchy Logo.

[Chrysler/Mitchy Logo #2]
The Second Chrysler/Mitchy Logo.

[Chrysler/Mitchy Logo #3]
The Third Chrysler/Mitchy Logo.

The Chrysler 3 Liter Webring Logo

Some old Chrysler logos

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Note: To my knowledge the Mini-Mopar club does not yet exist.

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