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Harv's Oil Change Page

Harv's Oil Change Page

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Think you can handle changing your own oil, well I got news for you, if you can turn a wrench you are ready to change your own oil.
I am not responsible if you screw up.

What you Need

A new oil filter
Some New oil(bout 5 quarts)
Some sort of oil catching devise(If your car holds 5 quarts and your catch pale is only 4 quarts you are in trouble).
Socket wrench set or a set of combo wrenches(one end open one end closed)
A nice curb that you can pull, easily, onto
Maybe a filter socket for your wrench

How it's Done

1. Position your car so it has the passenger side wheels on the curb
You should be able to fit under the car now
2. Now make sure YOU HAVE YOUR CATCH PALE IN PLACE under the bolt on the bottom of the oil pan. Loosen the plug with the wrench then take it off with your hands. Don't drop the plug into the catch pale as it is a pain to fish out.
3. Get out from under the car and take the oil filler cap off. This will allow the oil to flow easier.
Keep watch on the oil catch pan so the oil goes into it and not all over the street.
4. Once the oil stops dripping from the oil pan you should wipe the oil pan and plug throughly and then replace the plug.
5. Now Move the catch pan so it is under the filter.
Remove the filter carefully because it holds about a quart of oil
6. Hold the filter face down over the catch pale so the oil runs out of the filter.
7. Carefully wipe the area on the engine around the filter.
8. Using your finger apply a thin coat of NEW oil to the rubber gasket that is on the new filter.
9. Now, after the oil has stopped dripping from the filter holes on the block, carefully screw the new filter on. Be very careful not to cross thread it. If there is any resistance back it off and start again. It should spin freely till it hits the block.
10. Here is where personal preferance comes in. I tighten my filter 1/2 turn past hand tight. Some people say 1/16 turn after the filter comes in contact with the block. You decide, but remeber not to turn it to much. If you strip the threads you have to put out alot of $$$
11. Now put the new oil in
12. Check the oil plug and the filter to make sure there isn't any leaks
13. Finally take your used oil to your local parts shop. Most of them recycle it for free.
14. And you're done.

While you are under the hood why not check the air filter?
I also add a bottle of injector cleaner to my fuel tank(use carb. cleaner if you have a carborated car).

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