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Decoding the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) on your Chrysler/Dodge/Plymouth...

Ok heres a general table chart that can decode the VIN on your car (its main location is a metal plate attached to the drivers side of the dash... usuallly easily seen under your inspection stickers on your windshield!) You can find out some information of your car at its origin decoding the VIN. It shows what each digit means (works for all 1988-95 passenger cars except LH series, TC by Maserati, Neon, Avenger/Sebring, and the "imported for Dodge" cars). Below is an example of what my cars VIN means...

Position Code What It Means
1 Country Of Manufacture 1=U.S., 2=Canada, 3=Mexico.
2 Make Of Vehicle B=Dodge, C=Chrysler, E=Eagle, P=Plymouth
3 Type Of Vehicle 3=Passenger Car
4 Passenger Safety System A=Air Bag, B=Manual Seat Belt, C=Automatic Seat Belt, E=Active Restraint, Passenger Air Bag, X=Driver Air Bag, Passenger Manual Seat Belt, Y=Driver Air Bag, Passenger Automatic Seat Belt
5 Line Of Vehicle (Body Code) A=Chrysler LeBaron Sedan, Dodge Spirit, Plymouth Acclaim; B=Dodge Monaco, Eagle Premier; C=Dodge Dynasty, Chrysler New Yorker; G=Dodge Daytona; J=Chrysler LeBaron Coupe/Convertible; N=Chrysler Dynasty (Canada); P=Dodge Shadow, Plymouth Sundance; Y=Chrysler Fifth Avenue, Imperial
6 Series 1=Economy, 2=Low, 4=High, 5=Premium, 6=Special/Sport, 7=Performance/Image
7 Body Style 1=2-Door Coupe, 4=2-Door Hatchback, 5=2-Door Convertible, 6=4-Door Sedan, 8=4-Door Hatchback
8 Engine Code A=2.2L Turbo II, D=2.2L EFI, J=2.5L Turbo, K=2.5L EFI, L=3.8L MFI, R=3.3L EFI, S=3.0L MFI, T=3.3L EFI, U=3.0L EFI (Monaco/Premier), 3=3.0L MFI
9 Check Digit 1 through 9, 0, or X. Used to verify VIN.
10 Model Year J=1988, K=1989, L=1990, M=1991, N=1992, P=1993, R=1994, S=1995
11 Assembly Plant A=Outer Drive (Detroit); C=Jefferson (Detroit); D=Belvidere, IL; F=Newark, NJ; G=St. Louis; H=Bramalea, ON (Canada); N=Sterling Heights, MI; T=Toluca, Mexico
12-17 Sequence Number 6 digits.

Heres my Car...   1990 Chrysler Lebaron Convertible V6 3.oL - 4 speed (a604/41te)

VIN # = 1C3XJ453XLG505596

1 = US (where it was built)

C = Chrysler

3 = Passenger Car (type of vehicle)

X = Driver Air Bag, Passenger Manual Seat Belt (Safety System)

J = Chrysler LeBaron Coupe/Convertible

4 = High Series (don't exactly know what this means((sounds better then economy and low, and of course its not a performance car by any means, guess its a performance but not luxery car for its class)))

3 = 2-Door Convertible(Body Style)

3 = 3.0L EFI v6 (Engine Code)

X = check digit (have no clue? vertification i guess...)

L = 1990 Model Year (of Production)

G = St. Louis, MO(assembly plant where car was built)

505596= sequence number... maybe it was the 505596th Lebaron Vert. car built?

Information borrowed with permission from Robert Comitalo Jr.


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