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Harv's Mods

Harv's Mods to His Car


Replaced the Automatic Transmission with a 5spd Transmission
Replaced Heads with Newer Heads that Won't Leak Oil into the Combustion Chamber
8mm High Accel
Purolator One Oil Filter(Looks cool with it's metal flake paint)
120 Amp Alternator(recently replaced thx to charging problems
180 Degree Thermostat
58mm Throttle Body(definately improves Throttle Response) and the plenum ported out to meet the 58mm
Cold Air Induction w/K&N Cone Filter under the battery tray(sounds awsome)
New wheels (Crabs)
Tires: Kumho ECSTA Supra 712 205/55VR15(very nice looking and hold the road much better)
Underdrive Pulleys(alt and crank) For more info on UD pulleys go here
Move Coil to Front Of Plenium
KYB G2 struts and gas adjust shox
Suspension Tech springs 1.5-2 inches lower

Things on the Drawing Board(Maybe When I get Sufficient Funds)

Super charger project is in the works. I currently have 2 intercoolers and the blower, will have soon the injectors and a 'boost friendly' computer from nick.looky here

Strut Tower Brace
High Flow Cat
Cheap Paint job(No dents removed)
New motor mounts(Stiff ones)
Battery to the trunk
Oil Cooler

What Harv Hopes to do After He Gets Another Car and/or a Job

Heads rebuilt, ported, and polished
Plenium Cleaned Ported and matched to heads
New Paint(done right)
Cross Drilled Rotors for all 4 Wheels(maybe bigger than what is stock

Things to be done when they are needed

Kelviar Break Pads and dot 4 fluid
Ceramic Clutch & hipo pressure plate

That's all I can think of now. Will up date this page as things begin to happen or as I think of more.


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