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Car Stuff

My Car Links

My conversion from an automatic transmission to a 5spd manual transmission
Cheep(free) Throttle Position Sensor Mod
Transmission codes(only readable if you got the super special computer)
Solo II Info
Not sure what they mean when they say J Body or G Body?
Speedo Pix
My Car Links
A Horse Power Calculator
K&N Size Charts
This is one reason why I dont want Nitrous
Mopar Chat
Robert Hassler on How to Replace your A604 Transmission
Canned Heat(The latest craze in R/C cars.)
Decode the Vehicle Identification Number on your Mopar Car

My Car Stuff

Mods to My Car
Horse Power Tips
Alternator Replacement
Tune Up Info
Changing Your Oil
Lebaron Computer Codes
Tips for changing your timing belt
Hood Scoop Idea
Under Hood Temp Info

My Car Pix

Lebaron 1
Lebaron 2
Lebaron 3
Lebaron 4
Lebaron 5
The Lebaron's 3.0L V6
The 3.0L V6 in another car
The 3.0L V6 in another car 2
Mustang 1
Mustang 2
Mustang 3

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