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Harv's Tune Up Page

Harv's Tune Up Page

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If you have any tools you can do a tune up yourself. It's Easy!
Assuming you have a Chrysler(Mitchy Motor)3.0L V6 you can follow these directions exactly.
If you have another car or motor the directions are very similar.
I am not responsible if you mess up.

Tools you will need

Socket set W/sparkplug socket (the bigger plug socket)
short extender
various sockets
A small & short (I mean tiny) flat screws driver
Sparkplug gapping tool (@$.75 at parts shop).

Parts you will need

Distributor cap
Your local Auto Zone (or store of this like) will have a computer that will tell exactly what part numbers you need for your car and the workers are very helpful.

First A Warning

Do Not Pull all the wires out at once unless you Have a good knowledge of the motor (i.e. Know the firing order of the distributor)!!!!

1. Do a 1 for 1 change. Take one wire off; find the new one that matches. Put the new wire on the new distributor cap where it belongs (Line the new and old caps up and put the new wire on the new cap). You will have to remove the air box to get to the backside of the motor. Just put the 2 bolts back into their holes so you don't loose them.
2. Pull the plug (The last time I did a tune up the motor was still hot so the plugs were hard to get out, [lesson let motor cool]).
3. Gap the new plug by gently taping or prying w/screw driver (find out what manufactures recommendations are or ask worker at auto parts shop). The gap tool is used by slipping it into the gap
4. Put the new plug in and put the new wire on (you will hear a click when the wire is all the way on also some wires come with a gooy substance that you should put into the boot before you push it onto the plug).
5. After all the plugs & wires have been replaces pull the old Distributor cap off (2 screws).
6. Then the rotor (mine had a tiny screw, hidden in the shadows, locking it to the distributor).
7. Install new rotor. Goes on the same way it came off.
8. Install new cap. Goes on the same way it came off.
9. The oddball wire goes to the middle of the cap and to the coil, which is, locate on back of the plenum.
10. Put the air box back on
11. Clean the battery contacts. Remove connection to battery and clean the terminals and connectors with a wire brush. If you do this you will get code 11(Just tells you that your battery was disconnected)
12. Put it all back together. Double check that you have put every thing back where it belongs.
13. Crank it up and go test it (i.e. run the piss out of it).
Don't freak out when your milage meter says 0 your clock is messed up and all your radio stations are gone. You unplugged the power.

Note directions are similar but not exact for other size motors.
Good luck

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